Thursday, 4 June 2009

At the races

I've wanted to go to the races for years and years ... in fact, probably since I read my first Dick Francis book about 25 years ago. I finally made it yesterday!

It was a 'Summer Fun Raceday' at Ayr - £5 advance tickets for the grandstand - so even though I didn't get out of uni until almost 4pm, at £5 a ticket I didn't mind missing some of the races, and this was my last chance of going as I'll be back in Orkney by the time the next race meeting is on.

I quite enjoyed the experience - it was definitely interesting to see what went on, watch the horses parading before the start, the jockeys mounting, down to the start line, the race, then back to the winners enclosure and weighing in. The lack of atmosphere surprised me - there wasn't really any. Too small and unimportant a race meeting I guess. I can imagine that for something like the Scottish Grand National there would be a good atmosphere.

It was difficult to find anywhere to watch where you got a really good view of the races. I think most folk probably go for the atmosphere, the betting and the beer! The bars were busy and have lots of screens in them so you probably get a better view of what's happening in the race from there!

I'm glad I went anyway, something else ticked off my list of things to do someday.

Monday, 1 June 2009


As I had a lot of work from the placement to get written up and handed in this morning (first day of induction week) I couldn't go on the KKC (Kyle Kayak Club) weekend to Tayvallich - so I went to see KKC (Kirkwall Kayak Club) instead. KKC had an Orkney team in the Scottish Canoe Polo Championships at the Falkirk Wheel.

I had a great time - I'd never been to the Falkirk Wheel before so I found that really interesting, and I really surprised myself by how much I enjoyed watching the polo. Orkney won every game I watched which probably helped! It was a gorgeous sunny day as well (I think a lot of people would have got a bit sunburnt if they weren't very careful!).

I've still to sort the photos properly - that'll happen when I have more time - but here's a wee taster for just now.

Orkney scoring a goal

Another Orkney goal...

Lack of updates

I've been far too busy and stressed during the last 2 weeks of my final placement to post any updates here. However, that's me now finished the placement - and I passed!!!! Passed the final hurdle and galloping down the home straight now .... just some pieces of work to hand in today and that's pretty much it - a newly qualified teacher!!!!

We've got Induction Week now - a full week of lectures, workshops, etc getting us ready for having our own class in August.

I'll be returning to Orkney in 2 weeks - with mixed feelings about that - and am getting an operation on my right wrist in 2 1/2 weeks - so this next wee spell is still going to be busy as I've got to get everything packed and get the flat totally cleared out.

Off to uni for the day now, will post some more later.