Monday, 17 July 2017

Photobook review

I have recently received my Photobook from Saal Digital UK. I was given a £40 voucher for an honest review of this product.

I have to say I am impressed. I got the 28 x 19 photobook with glossy pages. The print quality is excellent, as is the colour.

The method Saal Digital use to print across 2 pages is fantastic– the photos are printed perfectly where they are at a page join, and can still be fully seen due to the way the pages all fold out flat.

My only slight disappointment is that on one page the background has a white line up the centre, so the book is not 100% perfect. That aside, I am still very happy with the product – but would I be as happy if I’d paid full price and if it was a book created for a special occasion? No, being honest, I wouldn’t – but as I got a £40 discount I really can’t complain!

I should add that although all my pages show just photos with no captions, you can also have captions, writing, etc. The pages are fully editable and it’s a simple process to upload your photos and design your photobook.

This would be a great way to make a portfolio to display your best work for showing to clients, or just for showing to friends, a wedding album, from a special holiday… whatever. I’d certainly be happy to buy from them again.

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