Monday, 13 April 2009

Spring has arrived!

The weather forecast was totally wrong and we had a gorgeous day yesterday. It was actually warm enough to work in the garden wearing a t-shirt! It felt really spring-like, with the daffodils out and lambs in the fields.

We made the most of the weather and headed off with our kayaks. My first trip out this year!!!

Lots of seals....

My wrists survived it not too badly. Kye decided it was a good opportunity to test out towing techniqes, so that gave em the opportunity to do a few quick stretches on the way back into the wind - without being blown backwards and having to work twice as hard afterwards, which tends to negate the effects of the stretching!

It was still so nice after lunch that Kye headed back down to the beach to go snorkelling.

Again the seals took an interest!!

Then it was out to the garden, cutting grass, bonfire ..... and we rounded off the day with fish & chips eaten on the pier! It felt like a real holiday!

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