Sunday, 26 September 2010

Back out west

Timed it beautifully (by pure chance) to get the ferry to Toft on Mainland. Then headed, via Lerwick for supplies, out to the Westings campsite. There's a great view but I'd forgotten it was so near the road, it was very weird hearing traffic from the tent (and certainly a change from the surf last night which was lovely to hear all night).

One of the attractions of Westings was the attached pub - I was hoping to have a Shetland beer as I'd had one last time I stayed there (island games, 2005) but they don't stock them any more! They do have wifi in the bar though.

It was a bit noisy at the pub till about 11.30pm (and the traffic was pretty noisy on the main road from really early in the morning.) The shower was ok - bit of a dribble, but warm - and the toilet had no loo roll (but I had my own supply so I was fine!). The campsite has great views, is cheap and has free wifi and a pub so it was quite good, but I definitely prefer the other sites I've stayed at. It's still better than Clickimin I'd think though! Decided to try to find somewhere quieter for tomorrow night, especially as the plan for tomorrow is having to change anyway as the ferry to Noss doesn't run on a Thursday. Just my luck.... Will have to hope for good weather on Friday, my last day in Shetland....

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