Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Reaper (but not the grim one)

I came home from work one night recently to find this moored practically outside my front door.

She's the Reaper, a Fifie herring drifter owned by the Scottish Fisheries Museum. She was built in Sandhaven, just along the coast from here, in 1902. I last saw her 9 years ago, in Kirkwall.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long until I was aboard for a look!

My class were very intrigued by this photo. They’re struggling to believe that my house doesn’t have a chimney – and then I show them a photo of a boat with a chimney!!

BBQ kippers & oatcakes for tea...

It was interesting to see below the waterline as the tide went fully out.

She dwarfed the other boats in the harbour. This yacht looked really quite big when it was sitting on its trailer by the harbour, and still looked a decent size in the harbour ... until the Reaper moored next to her!

The Reaper ‘sailed’ with the tide at 11pm. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough wind for her to actually go out under sail, but it was nice seeing her anyway.

This photo is rather blurry as it was very dark so I was having to use a long exposure on the camera to capture anything at all.

Off she heads,  Fraserburgh next stop...

I saw her leave Fraserburgh a couple of days later. Sadly I wasn’t in time to see her sail out of the harbour, as it would have been great to see her in full sail at close quarters. I did manage to catch her sailing off into the sunset though (well, it wasn’t actually sunset, but I’m sure you get the idea.)

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