Thursday, 10 May 2012

May weather

The weather's been pretty awful in April, after summer started and finished in March. I was away over the May Day holiday weekend, and luckily the weather was the best it's been in weeks.

We spotted these 2 huge yachts off Ardrossan. They were just too far out for me to be able to get a good enough photo to zoom in and find out what they were. They seemed to be significantly bigger than any other yachts out on the seas that day though.

Ailsa Craig appeared to be floating.

The car park at the Ardrossan ferry terminal was by far the busiest I've ever seen it - I've never seen cars parked right up by the lighthouse before! Judging by the length of the queue of foot passengers waiting to board when we arrived at Brodick (also by far the busiest I've ever seen it in years and years of travelling to Arran), I'd guess a fair few of these cars were day trippers.

Flat calm crossing.

A great start to a great weekend.

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