Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wildflowers galore

At St Cyrus there was a great profusion of wildflowers. I knew a few, but actually a huge number of them were unknown to me. Normally when I visit places on the coast, like Troup Head which I visit regularly, I tend to know what the majority of the wildflowers are. But these were quite different to what I think of as the 'usual' coastal wildflowers. Maybe it's because it was machair land - very sandy - rather than clifftop?

Here's a selection, several unnamed. If you know the names, please add a comment telling me.





 forget-me-nots and lady's bedstraw

? unsure - maybe yellow rattle?

marram grass


 unknown  (growing in a wetland area)




 can't remember the name of this one - but I know I should know it!

 unknown -  looks a bit like comfrey, but white?


Hopefully someone will know some of these and I'll learn something. I must try to look them up too...

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