Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crovie - and a more photogenic phone box

Crovie (pronounced Crivie) is definitely worth visiting. It's a former fishing village, now mostly (sadly) holiday homes I believe.

It's got an ever steeper road to it than Pennan has, and half way down there's a car park for visitor's cars, as only folk who are staying there are allowed to take their cars right down. There's not a lot of parking space at the bottom, and I can see why some folk have built garages up near the car park.

There's a viewpoint at the car park, and that's where these first 2 photos were taken from.

This one shows the path round the cliff base to Gardenstown.

The phone box in Crovie is definitley more photogenic than the one in nearby Pennan, even if the Pennan one is more famous!

These 2 cottages are new ones, but built in the old style to fit in with the rest of the village. I really fancied the one on the left, with that big window....  Actually, I really fancied at least a third of the cottages in Crovie!!!

The village is full of character, and seems more 'looked after' than Pennan. They also seem to be more inventive in their use of available space (of which there isn't much!) with little gardens carved out where possible, and houses generally having a sea view (and a great one at that - I can imagine it must be pretty impressive in stormy weather.)

The strip of land at the cliff base which the village is built on is even narrower than that of Pennan, so there is no room for a road down there at all. Instead there's a path along the front of the cottages - and most people seem to have wooden wheelbarrows to transport things like their shopping and bin bags in. Again, the wooden wheelbarrows were a picturesque addition to the village, unlike a lot of metal wheelbarrows would have been. I unaccountably managed to miss photographing any wooden wheelbarrows filled with bin bags though.... 

I'd really love to visit Crovie in stormy weather some day.


Kirsteen Scott said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Stopped in the car-park a couple of times but not ventured down yet. Will def do it next time we're there

Fiona said...

It's well worth going down, Kirsteen. The girls might want carried back up the hill though!