Friday, 7 September 2012

A walk up Bennachie

I'm currently unable to do much (any!) walking due to a sprained ankle, so I'm taking the opportunity to think back to a few walks and days out over recent months.

A few months ago, just after I moved to Inverurie, I climbed Bennachie for the first time.

At first you're climbing through the forestry, which is lovely and is something I very much enjoyed after so many years in Orkney withough any forestry. The trees are a mixture of species which makes for lots of beautiful vistas everywhere you look.

As you get higher up, you reach the point where the view starts to open out.

Looking towards the top of the Mither Tap.

It looks very close from this point, but it's a steep path to follow...

The views are ever-changing...

As we got higher, the light changed...

... and the snow clouds started to appear around the side of the hill.

Before long, it was snowing!

Another ten minutes or so later, and we were back in the sunshine, albeit with a bitterly cold wind to accompany it.

There's the remains of a pictish fort surrounding the summit. The walls are just fantastic - and make a good place to shelter from the wind too!

We didn't stay on the top for long, as the wind was just too cold, just staying for long enough to enjoy the views.

As we descended we could see more snow showers passing by.

A great afternoon walk.

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Ian said...

Hi Fiona,

It's a wee cracker of a hill isn't it?

Kind Regards