Saturday, 8 September 2012

Canoe Slalom

Earlier this summer I went along to watch some of our club members competing in the canoe slalom competition at Seaton Park in Aberdeen. It looked good fun, maybe I'll even give it a go next year...



This is the course that Tim Baillie started out on. He won a gold medal in this year's Olympics in the C2 class, along with his paddling partner Etienne Stott. Last term I was lucky enough to be able to arrange for Tim Baillie's parents to come along and talk to my class. (Thanks Chris & Ken, I really appreciate you giving up your precious time for us.)

We had a fantastic morning with them and the children gained a huge amount from it, as well as getting the chance to sit in slalom boats, try on a buoyancy aid and 'paddle' a chair with my paddle. We watched some exciting footage of Tim and Etienne racing and the children were really fired up about seeing them in the Olympics. I hope they all managed to see the historic moment when they won Britain's first ever canoe slalom Olympic gold medal!

And it all started here at Seaton Park, coached by Alan, who gives up lots of time to coach at our club too. I've learned a lot from him, and from other volunteer coaches and experienced paddlers like him. Thanks to you all!

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