Friday, 30 January 2009

Iconic Burns - Flaming Torches and Fireworks

The band kept us entertained throughout the procession and there were stalls on either side of the route too with entertainment such as the "Brig Issue" seller, tattooist, singers and more.

It was a really cold evening (cars were covered in frost by the end and the ground was frozen and slippy) but the torchlit procession was warm! It was amazing how much heat came off the torches - and you really noticed the difference when you got to the end of that part of the evening and the torches were extinguished.

Then everyone split into 3 groups to go to the viewing areas. Where you went depended on the colour of the wristband which you were given at registration.

This is roughly the view from one of the viewing areas - on the modern bridge looking straight up the river to the auld brig.

I was in a viewing area in a muddy field - we had a pretty good view still.

The lighting at the end was really clever - it looked like the mare was galloping over the bridge carrying Tam to safety.

It was a really well organised event - everything seemed to run very smoothly and there were plenty of stewards everywhere.

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