Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tam O'Shanter

This is a closer view of the statue of Tam O'Shanter which was specially made for the Iconic Burns event. It's a metal frame covered in polythene - it doens't look like much when flash photography is used as that destroys the lighting effects - and it was the lighting that made the statue so effective.

The procession started outside Burns Cottage in Alloway and followed behind Tam O'Shanter. The statue was stopped under each Bridge of flowers over the road - the bridges then lit up and the statue was turned so everyone got a good view of it.

The lights on the three bridges said "Tam O'Shanter", "Homecoming 2009" and "Auld Lang Syne". Sadly there was no massed singing of Auld Lang Syne as had been 'promised' in the initial advertising. In fact, the initial advertising for the event was not very accurate at all - but it was a great event, well worth going to.

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