Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ayr sunset

Thursday was a beautiful evening. I couldn't bear to just stay in and work, and decided that it didn't really matter if I had to stay up until 1am to get all my work done, I just had to get out and enjoy the lovely weather. So I went for a walk along the beach.

It was so calm... I was really enjoying my walk, watching the birds and the sunset over the sea. I spotted a lone kayaker - and felt quite jealous, wishing I had my boat with me down here - it would have been a perfect evening for a calm, relaxing paddle, enjoying the wildlife and the scenery. Instead I watched from the shore, and snapped a few photos of the kayaker in the sunset sea.

The kayaker can be seen in the distance here - he (she?) was quite far out from the shore. The kayak is just visible if you look hard - at the top right of the sea in the photo.

I was just hoping that the weather would hold out for another 2 days for my trip to Arran on Friday evening....


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Fiona. Fantastic photos!

That was almost certainly Alan in the kayak. He had phoned us about 4pm to see if we wanted to go out, but we were on the beach at Skipness, Kintyre, having just paddled over from Loch Ranza on Arran!

Alan was upset to have missed the trip so we went back to Arran on Sunday from Portencross to Sannox. It was windy but a great day!

Douglas Wilcox said...
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Fiona said...

Ah, right Douglas, always nice to know who the paddler is. I was very jealous of him!

If Alan wants a copy of the photos I can easily email him a large version if he gets in touch.

I bet the paddle from Arran was lovely - I was over there at the weekend too - again no kayak though.

Alan Wilson said...

hi fiona

just seen your pictures of me out in the bay last month. could you send the pics to me when you have a chance thanks. my email addy is

thanks alan