Saturday, 13 July 2013

Crowning the Queen

I went along to watch the start of Lamlash Gala Week. It always starts with the crowning of the "Heather Queen" with some entertainment, but from that it has grown over the last few years (it's been years since I've been in Arran at the right time for it) and it's now a big event, with stalls, bouncy castle, races, food and lots more.

It was a beautiful day, which probably helped draw the crowds...

There were lots of stalls and competitions, including the slingshot. We didn't see anyone actually managing to hit one of the buoys.

I was most amused to see the Heather Queen, after sitting demurely on stage throughout the proceedings, let her hair down and enjoy playing in the sun!

There used to be a whole week of events following the crowning of the Heather Queen, but I didn't see anything else or any advertising for anything else while I was there.

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