Sunday, 14 July 2013

Some Arran Wildlife

On a beautiful evening I went for a paddle in Lamlash Bay to cool down.

There were lots of small fish but I'm not sure what kind.

There were small flatfish too but I didn't manage to get a photo of them as you could really only see them when they were moving. There were shrimps...
... and there were lots of hermit crabs. The water was warm and beautifully clear.

In fact the water was so warm that it didn't do much to revive me, which was the original idea behind going for a paddle in the sea! However something else did much to revive me...

The sea creatures didn't seem too bothered by the presence of my feet. First this crab ran right over me, then I spotted a very busy hermit crab...

It was testing out a new shell for size. I knew that hermit crabs were soft bodied and that when they needed a bigger shell they had to find an empty one and then move quickly before any predators caught them, but I've never seen it actually happening before. This hermit crab spent ages getting the shell into the perfect position, then he quickly nipped into the bigger shell. He then maybe thought it was a little too big as he then scuttled back into his old shell again, before finally moving back into the new shell and heading off.

What a sight.  It certainly made my day!

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