Wednesday, 6 June 2012


The weather was just gorgeous in Arran a few weekends ago compared to recent weeks. It wasn't that warm, but it was sunny and clear. In fact, it was the clearest I can ever remember seeing from Lamlash...

I've never before seen Culzean Castle so clearly from Lamlash (right across the Firth of Clyde) with the naked eye.

We went for an evening stroll along Shore Road, and enjoyed the clear views over to the mainland... the wind farm and the paper mill at Irvine both really stood out.

We even spotted the fast cat from Ireland heading for Troon - that's the first time I've ever seen it. Here it's passing Culzean - and the lighthouse on Holy Isle.

Last interesting sighting of the evening was a nuclear sub being escorted down the Clyde from Faslane.

It was going at a fair pace and it didn't take it long to appear again at the south end of Holy Isle.

 A beautiful evening. One to remember.

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Anonymous said...

Culzean castle is well worth a visit, had a great week there camping with the BB.