Friday, 22 June 2012

Portsoy Boat Festival

I'd heard about the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival years ago but it wasn't until I moved to the north east that I had the chance to visit it. Last year I was there on a beautiful, sunny day. This year's festival is being held this weekend but somehow I don't think the weather is going to be as good this year ...

It was a really enjoyable day with lots to see and do. There was live music on various stages, and buskers too, right round the harbour and beyond.

The traditional boats were beautiful and it was great to see them getting ready to leave harbour, being rowed out and putting their sails up ready for the kipper race.

There were also rowing races. Having tried rowing a yoal in Shetland last summer, I know what hard work that is, but also what fun!

There was a small boat which is going to be rowing the Atlantic. Although it says on it Atlantic2011, they've changed their attempt to 2013. They were using the festival as some extra rowing practice.

It's funny how your perception of things change ... above it looks really small - and certainly is when you think that these guys will be living in it for several weeks as they cross the Atlantic. It looks a tiny craft to be facing the sorts of conditions they will face out there.

When they rowed out and you compared it to the traditional sailing boats, it suddenly looked a bit bigger...

I wonder if it'll be there again this weekend?

There were also traditional crafts on display, stalls, food and coracles. More on the coracles later...

I loved this tapestry map.

Kippers were being smoked, and there was a huge queue for them, along with beer from the Black Isle Brewery which was being advertised as "great with fish". Lots of people were enjoying the live music whilst having their food and drink. Tomorrow we may be sheltering beneath our waterproofs instead...

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