Friday, 22 June 2012

Paddling a different craft

At last year's Scottish Traditional Boat Festival I jumped at the chance to paddle a coracle. It was certainly very different to paddle... but great fun for a short time.

You got to paddle the replica ones which were made of modern materials, but they also had a more traditional built coracle there too.

It was really interesting to see it, and to get a close look at how it was made. I got chatting to the gut in charge, and - after having successfully paddled one of the other coracles round the harbour - was extremely pleased to be allowed to go of paddling the beautiful skin and wood one. It was definitely more difficult to paddle than the more modern replicas, as it was a lot more tippy and harder to steer. I was pleased I managed though!

All great fun. I'd been paddling my kayak a few times prior to the show last year, but due to now living further from the sea I've not paddled at all yet this year, so I might not be as successful if I try paddling a coracle again this year ...  And if I do fall in, there is unlikely to be any sun to dry me off!

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