Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas Day Mens' Ba - part 1

The teams have gathered - and there's almost a party atmosphere at the start.

Almost 1pm, and ready for the throw up.
A good crowd has gathered to watch.

Almost 1pm, and the hands go up in readiness - a bit of jostling for position begins.

The Ba is thrown ...

Hands make a grab for it, and it soon disappears into the mass of players.

Play swirls around on Broad Street - seeming to move more rapidly than it has in recent games. The Doonies look like they have more stregth this year.

More play on Broad Street.

The Ba moves doon from the Mercat Cross - I think that's the furthest 'doon the gates' that we've seen the mens' ba go in the past few years.

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