Sunday, 21 December 2008

Wild weather

It's a wee bit windy at the moment. Friday night in particular was - er - interesting. We shut the curtains so we couldn't see the windows moving (it's quite an unnerving experience sitting in the house watching the glass bend) - but we could feel the house vibrating and we could certainly hear the wind. Amazingly we seem to have no damage - we haven't even lost any trees (maybe because we lost several last winter...). We had to hose down the windows though as we couldn't see out of them due to a combination of the salt and all the grass, etc. stuck on them. One of our neighbours described his car on Saturday as "furry" and that's a pretty good description of our windows too.

The wind also affected the TV signal - although amazingly we didn't get any power cuts at the height of the storm (we had torches and candles at the ready just in case). We had a power cut this morning though! Anyway - the TV signal vanished for a lot of Freeview channels on Friday evening about half ten - we still had BBC1 & BBC 2 on terrestrial but not a lot else and we haven't got most of the others back yet. There's some strange anomalies though - we can't get E4 - but we can get E4+1 - I can't understand this one! Oh well, I've lived without a TV for the past 4 months, so I'm not really that bothered about not getting some channels at present.

There's plenty of good local entertainment on anyway - much better than anything on TV. We went to the Deerness Drama's production of Oliver! yesterday - it was really excellent. Amazing how such a small community group can keep putting on productions of this standard (about 4 years ago they did the best pantomime I have ever been to - Cinderealla - complete with 4 ugly sisters). Instead of just using the usual stage set-up they had a 'runway' coming right out into the middle of the room and they used the entire room as the stage at some points - it was a really great show. Such a lot of talented people!

And we were at the 60th Anniversary bash for the Orkney Sprathspey & Reel Society on Thursday evening. Lots of great music - and an amazing cake, complete with edible music!

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