Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Day Men's Ba - part 2

The Ba moved relatively quickly off Broad Street and headed up Victoria Street. I spent a while taking videos - then moved back to some photos as it crossed the bottom of the Clay Loan and started moving along Main Street.

By this time there was a big crowd watching. I think it was maybe bigger than the usual Christmas Day crowd (the New Year's Day Ba generally has more spectators) - perhaps the dry and relatively mild weather brought more people than usual out to watch.

The Ba went over this wall - then back again. Kye was on the wall taking photos for a while before the Ba suddenly got put over - rapidly followed by a number of players!

The Ba soon came back over the wall.

It moved along Main Street towards the Uppie Goal, then back towards the Clay Loan. At this point I was on the balcony of the West End Hotel - this photo is looking back towards Clay Loan.

People who have houses (or hotels) along the Ba's route get a bird's eye view.

The Ba then moved back 'up' - here it's almost opposite the West End Hotel. The clouds of steam generally let you see where the Ba is in the tight pack!

The Ba finally reaches the Uppie goal at Mackinson's corner.

And touches the wall, to cheers from the Uppies and their supporters.

The fight to crown the winner of the Ba then begins.

Finally, the winner arises from the pack - holding the Ba aloft in victory.

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