Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last Day of the Year - part 1

It was a beautiful, cold, frosty day here in Orkney. We spent a long time on the beach again. No seals (the tide was in) but later in the day there were 3 herons on the skerries where the seals normally lie.

It was an extremely cold day with a very heavy overnight frost. Even the seaweed was frosty!

There were a lot of geese around.

Frost on a drystane dyke.

Frost on seaweed.

More frosty patterns

We spent ages at the frozen loch, playing. The ice varied in thickness - and we invented a couple of games - a type of curling, and the bubble game.

The house viewed across the frozen loch.

Some scenes from the curling game.

And the bubble game.

We had fun!!!
Herons on the skerries at dusk.

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