Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lesson planning

My weekend is being spent doing a combination of lesson planning and hopefully starting to make the game & resources for my Maths and English assessments. Lesson planning is the main focus though - and making/gathering all the resources I need for Monday's lesson.

I'm still very much enjoying placement - and feeling very lucky that everyone at the school is so helpful and willing to give me advice and guidance as required.

I tried to listen to Radio Orkney's Children in Need broadcast - but unfortnately someone in the BBC in Glasgow had forgotten to put the 'live link' on the webpage, so I had to make do with the Radio Scotland programmes instead, which weren't nearly as entertaining. Radio Orkney raised almost £20,000 which is a great effort, as always.

I went out earlier to get some shopping - everywhere was really busy, I think that's the Christmas shopping rush starting ..... Managed to get the 'treasure' I wanted for my games.

Next weekend it's apparently the Ayr Santa Dash. This I must see!! I think it's a charity fun run (or some such thing) along the seafront. I'll try and get some photos of it.

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