Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lots of assessments

Well we did our 'sparkling introductions' assessment this morning - it seemed to go ok though it's always hard to tell. Our group were doing a lesson about map making and had turned it into treasure maps for pirates, so we were all dressed as pirates. Our pirate song seemed to go down quite well :-)

This photo will give you all a laugh at least - this is about the most flattering one of me - by quite a long way. Oh dear!

I've also now submitted my Social Subjects assessment (due tomorrow) and my Science assessment (due Thursday) - it's been a busy week for assessments! We also have a formative assessment of a group task in Language tomorrow, but it's not been nearly as onerous as the others and is formatively assessed rather than contributing to our overall course mark, so it's not nearly as stressful - thank goodness!

Now I can finally start looking forward to my next placement which starts on Monday for 5 weeks - in a composite P1/P2 class - and read up on all the things I need to know for that and remind myself which lessons I'm going to have to teach and do full lesson plans for, etc.

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