Friday, 28 November 2008

*!?**!**!! Vodafone

Vodafone are USELESS. I've been having various issues with them recently - and their astoundingly poor levels of customer service. This has now culminated in them cancelling my Sim card!!!! So not only can I not make any calls or send texts - but if anyone is trying to contact me, you'll not be able to !!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Time for a new network methinks - anything has to be an improvement on Vodafone.

My advice to anyone out there is don't use Vodafone and don't order anything from the Vodafone online shop unless you want them to keep your money then refuse to answer when you ask why the goods haven't been delivered - they had me on hold for almost 36 minutes last night - until I eventually gave up and hung up, which was presumably the idea. And they won't respond to emails at all. Just hopeless.

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