Sunday, 9 November 2008


It's been a busy few days. It was my birthday - I got lots of great presents, including the new This is the Sea 4 DVD. That'll be my evening watching for the next few nights. I went up to Andy & Clair's for the night on Friday - had a lovely birthday tea including some dairy free sticky toffee pudding which was great. I had a brilliant time, as always, playing with Steven - who said "Fona here to visit me" when I tried to sit on a comfy seat and chat to Andy & Clair when I first arrived. So I'm supposed to play with him the whole time - right, now I know.

Steven kindly helped me open some presents, although he decided the one from Callum made a good seat for watching Fireman Sam on. Then he helped me open it and he liked the look of the two boxes of dairy free chocolates (luckily the alcohol & DVDs didn't hold much appeal for him). He was into the first box of chocolates in about 5 seconds. It was mint chocolates and we split one in half and he had half and I had half. Then I packed everything away into the big box again for putting back in the car. 2 mins later Steven's back into the box and got the box of mints, ripped it open and took out 2 - then handed one of them to me!!! Cute.

We got the marks back from our active learning assessment on Friday - that was the powerpoint presentation we had to do. I was quite pleased with my marks and thought they were fair, so I'm happy. We get the marks for the group assessment back on 28th November which is our day back on campus during our placements. Other than that day we're now out on placement until Christmas. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and meeting my class again, although the sheer amount of paperwork in this placement is a little daunting.

Met up with Ann and her wee daughter Catriona (who is great) today and we went to Prestwick to visit the Moffats. Worked out that we last saw them 17 years ago in Arran! It doesn't feel as long ago as that that we were climbing the Witches Step and going swimming in the Blue Pool in Glen Rosa!

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