Friday, 21 November 2008


It's been a looong week. I've had a cold and a bad throat - which has made teaching very challenging at times. Trying to control a class with no voice (ok slight exaggeration, but not much of a voice) has been a challenge and a good learning experience. I've now taught several lessons on my own: language (a few lessons including functional writing & phonics), drama/PE & art. Next week I'm onto maths and a few others, so it'll be a busy weekend getting all the paperwork from last week in order and up-to-date and also writing my lesson plans for next week. The first lesson plan (full grid & implementation) I had to write too about 4 hours - luckily I've got a bit faster with them now!

We have a lot of other paperwork to do as well - evaluations (both of our own teaching and assessment of the pupils' work) after each lesson taught, as well as 5 observation tasks, wider professional issues to investigate/reflect on/critically evaluate - and our chosen 'special interest topic'. And of course notes to make on school organisation & policies, class organisation, daily & weekly timetables/planners .... We're certainly kept very busy but it's all valuable learning - and I'm getting a great experience in my school and am learning a huge amount from all the staff - and the pupils!

On another topic, I saw some of the folk from the kayak club tonight - they're off for a weekend's paddling. OK for some ... :-) Meanwhile I'll be doing 'door duty' at the pool session, and getting on with all my paperwork and planning. I think I'll have to make time to watch more of my new kayaking DVD (This is The Sea 4) as a consolation - I've watched the 2 films on the bonus DVD so far (New Zealand circumnavigation & the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC, Canada) and they're excellent.

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