Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dolphin encounter

We'd just finished our rockhopping and stopped for the obligatory chocolate break ...

... and started heading back along the coast, playing in some small races, when the cry went up "Dolphins!"

There seemed to be a large number of dolphins, and some actually came towards us, and were as close as 2-3 metres from some of the kayaks.

I saw a couple of breaches, but my wee waterproof camera is rather slow, so I didn't manage to catch those. I switched to video in the hopes of catching something more, and I managed to get a couple of short clips showing both kayakers and dolphins.

We then slowly paddled back into the sunset, dolphin watching all the way.

What an amazing experience!


Sian said...

Oh how absolutely brilliant! You are so lucky to be able to get so close to them. They probably wondered what sort of creatures *you* were!!

David A said...

Hi Fiona, thanks for sharing a very special moment indeed. It is funny how dolphins always make you smile when you see them. Fantastic.

David A