Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The Russian ship, the Mir, was the largest of the tall ships to call into Orkney. She berthed at Hatston Pier (presumbly being too big to berth at the Kirkwall Pier or marina) where she dwarfed cars.

They were allowing people on board to have a look around the decks, so I jumped at the opportunity!

She really is tall. Last year with the Spirit Dancer, some of the crew were allowed up the rigging of the Statsrad Lehmkuhl to take photos and video of the Spirit Dancer canoe passing below. The masts of the Mir were much higher though, and it looked like 4 stops (crow's nests?) on the way up.

Even the ship's wheels were huge.

The decks were extremely wide...

 ... and there was even space to set out a stall selling a selection of 'Mir' branded goods and photos.

A very impressive ship, with the reputation of being the fastest tall ship in the race. She didn't win the first leg, though, from Waterford to Greenock, as that was won by the Christian Radich, which also visited Orkney. It'll be interesting to follow the race results to see how she does in the next leg from Lerwick to Stavanger.

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Sian said...

Lovely to see the photos. I didn't get to see the Mir - I'd already taken too much time out of working - sigh..... But loved my time in Stromness anyway :-)