Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A sea of masts

A sea of masts is how Stromness looked on Monday when I visited. There were around 9 tall ships berthed there, then throughout the day the numbers kept changing as some ships left and others arrived.

Some of the ships were just gorgeous - all polished wood and brass. This one is the Christian Radich.

We were able to go aboard the Sorlandet for a look around her decks. Again, I jumped at the chance!

She had a bell at each end of the deck.

The deck of the Sorlandet was a great place to look across at the Christian Radich, who had won the first leg of the race from Waterford to Greenock. She had just arrived in Stromness and was being readied for a "party on the poop deck" to be taking place in the afternoon.

Aboard the Sorlandet there was also work ongoing...

Lots of small boats were out, enjoying the views of the tall ships from the water. We spotted Jimmy Moar from Hoy, who had featured in the Spirit Dancer DVD!

The deck of the Sorlandet also proved to be a great place to watch as the Eurpoa headed off for another "party on the poop deck".

She was a beautiful sight as she headed off towards Scapa Flow, and we decided to watch for a while to see if she was going to put her sails up.

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