Friday, 1 July 2011


I've been lucky enough to find a kayak club that doesn't run a mile at the thought of paddlers with disabilities, and instead actively try to find ways to allow *everyone* to paddle. They've even bought 2 double kayaks so that people with, for example, wrist/arm problems or learning disabilities can get out paddling. I was out in the club double for a great wee paddle from Banff beach, along the coastline past Macduff.

Being in the double was so much easier on my wrists that I was actually able to paddle the whole way! It was a different experience to being in my own boat, as I wasn't in charge of steering at all but was the engine, but once we got the hang of it (or rather, once my fellow paddler worked out how to work the rudder so that we could steer more easily...) it was very enjoyable and I'm really hoping to get out in the double again soon.

The coastline was full of interest with lots of rocks to squeeze between....

This particular one was definitely a challenge in the double - but we made it! Thought we were going to get stuck at one point, as the waves seemed to be more in control of the boat that we were, but we made it with no damage.

All great fun, and the evening had more in store for us yet...

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