Saturday, 9 July 2011

Safely ashore

We paddled along to Gardenstown, where 3 of us were ending the paddle for a variety of reasons (in my case because much as I was enjoying myself and wanted to continue, my wrists were twinging and with about 6km paddled and another 9km to go I didn't want to risk putting anyone in the unfair position of having to paddle the double on their own with me as a passenger.)

It was interesting to see my house from the sea, and paddling past it made up in part for the frustrations of the days when I've been ashore watching other people paddle past and wishing I was out there with them!

Ian's yacht looks a lot bigger with a kayak beside it, rather than the Reaper beside it!

Almost the end of the trip for 3 of us (apart from the shuttling of cars and boats to get everything back to the right place at the end of the trip) - but the rest were headed off for Macduff. I planned to head back down to Portsoy, to the Traditional Boat Festival, but as things turned out I ended up meeting the others in Macduff instead...

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