Monday, 14 February 2011

Aberdour Bay

I had about an hour to spare in the afternoon, so decided to visit the beach. I went to Aberdour Bay, which turned out to be a very good choice as it was a lovely bay with some great arches to explore.

This looks like it would be a fun section of coastline to explore by kayak.

The only drawback was (as I found in pretty much the *whole* of Aberdeenshire) the number of irresponsible dog owners.....  Between out of control dogs and dog dirt seemingly everywhere I went (footpaths, beaches, sand dunes, grassy areas....) I was seriously unimpressed at the number of irresponsible dog owners everywhere. The exception was at Rattray Head where the owners of the hostel have very well trained and looked after dogs, and the people I saw walking their dogs on the beach there who had them well under control as soon as they saw someone else coming along. Unfortunately there was still dog dirt on the beach and in the sand dunes though.... come on, Aberdeenshire, clean up! It really spoils some beautiful areas of coastline.

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