Friday, 11 February 2011

More seal pups

I enjoyed seeing the seal pups so much that I decided to go back again the next weekend. This time I spent over 2 hours watching them... I'm not quite sure where the time went!

The first hurdle was to get past the seal which was totally blocking the path...

This accomplished (by getting rather muddy climbing round above the path) I was able to get to the beaches again. It was interesting to see the variety of sizes of seal pups this time.

There were newborns...

... right up to pups which were getting close to 1/2 adult sized, yet were still suckling from Mum.

It was interesting as well to see how well camouflaged they were. Considering that the white fur is nature's way of camouflaging the pups in their original natural habitat of ice floes, etc. I was impressed with how well camouflaged they actually were amongst the boulders on the beach.

The colours do vary though - and the tiniest newborns are rather yellowish - and not so well camouflaged!

The adults can be very well camouflaged too - but that doesn't stop fights breaking out over their 'territory'.

Seals can be very protective if they think another seal is getting to close to their pup, even if it's only trying to head past on its way to its own pup.

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