Sunday, 20 February 2011

Spirit of the People

Don's excellent "Spirit of the People" video giving a taste of Spirit Dancer's journey up the west coast of Scotland and to Orkney in summer 2009 is well worth a look. It does take a while to load though.

For those that don't know - Spirit Dancer is a 42 foot canadian canoe (i.e. very large!) She's been journeying around parts of the British coast and I've been lucky enough to spend a few weeks with her and her crew over the past 2 summers.

British Isles by Canoe, Glasgow to Orkney from Donald Jonasson on Vimeo.

This video brings back many, many happy memories.

And it's worth a laugh too... when my class watched it last year (as part of their Canada link) they pointed out that my bum featured at one point - I hadn't even noticed!  Great - you can always trust kids to point these things out to you.....

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