Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rattray dawn

I was back staying at the bunkhouse at Rattray Head again this week. I was south for another interview, and also spent a bit of time exploring the area (more of that to follow in further blog posts.) This time I managed to get some dawn photos of the lighthouse.

It was a beatiful morning, as the sky gradually lightened.

Sadly, the early promise of good weather didn't last all day as it dulled down a fair bit, but it was still a pretty good day. The forecast for the next day wasn't too promising though, leaving me a bit worried about the ferry journey home...

That evening, after managing to cover over 200 miles in my wee car, I relaxed by the fire with a small  glass (well actually a cup, as the hostel unsurprisingly isn't stocked with wine glasses) of red wine (and I do mean small, this is one of these peedie bottles, not a full-sized one.) 

I like this hostel. :-)

1 comment:

Ian said...

Stunning images Fiona!

We unfortunately don't get the sunsets this side, but the sunrises can be beautiful too :o)