Thursday, 24 February 2011


Since August I've been commuting to work by ferry. It's a bit of a long journey as it calls at another island first before reaching my destination so it takes 2 1/2 hours. It's been rather choppy at the best of times .... (understatement!!)

The typical view from the ferry window - and that's when I can stand safely; often I (and the majority of the passengers) spend the trip lying down.

Once I got to travel by the "fast ferry". It sounded like it should be lots of fun, but as I'd been to the chiropractor's the day before it turned out to be an hour or so of gritting my teeth and wishing for it to be over with, rather than 'all the fun of the fair'.

The "comfortable" seats on the "fast ferry". Note the rails to hang onto for dear life...

Actually, I suspect that if I hadn't been in so much pain I would have enjoyed it. And it was certainly quicker than the usual ferry!

Currently the ferries are on the refit timetable so it takes even longer than before, as the ferry calls into 2 other islands first. For the past few weeks I've been able to fly home though, which has been great. It only takes around 10 minutes, and as a bonus I get some great views. I've even flown over my house (I got ridiculously excited about that!)

The plane is an 8 seater 'Islander'. It's a popular service - and the other passengers can be interesting!

Passenger on this week's flight.

 My 4 year old nephew was interested to see the "steps" which are "wheeled out" to let the passengers get in/out of the plane.

Coming in to land at Kirkwall.

I was supposed to be flying to work for 3 weeks this month, but it hasn't quite gone to plan. The first week I flew and it was great. The plane goes to North Ronaldsay first so I got a great view of all of Orkney's north isles. I was in such a good mood when I got to work, rather than being rather green and wobbly legged!

Looking down towards the school and pier on Eday.

However, the second week I was supposed to be on the flight out, I was ill and off work. Then this week, the last week of my flights out, I was on the plane and we taxied out to the runway, only to discover a problem with the starboard engine. So we taxied back again! An hour later (after the school starting time had had to be been delayed for the day) we were told that we would hopefully be airborne around 10.15am. Then as 10.15 came we were told that the plane would be departing shortly, but that weather conditions had changed and it was gusting too strongly to land safely so my leg of the flight was cancelled.... as was school for the pupils! Back to the ferry, and an extremely choppy journey..... I finally arrived at school at 2.15pm!

Back to the ferry out next week - and yes, this photo is typical of the crossings I've experienced.


Saintsboy001 said...

I really admire your commitment to teaching in the Islands. Keep at it, it will soon be summer.

pat said...

What a blog, just found you, great
read and cracking phots, I will be