Sunday, 28 September 2008

2 Star Award

Did my BCU 2 star award today. I'm still totally amazed that I managed it - I thought there would be so many bits I couldn't do because of my wrists that I wouldn't be able to complete the award. It's done both in kayak and canoe - and we had to do all the skills, rescues, etc in both boats - so we had to capsize twice - and it was freezing!!! Actually, the capsize in the kayak was quite interesting. Apart from the cold shock (which made me swallow a little water, now I see what all the books are talking about...) there was another astonishing happening which I only realised on the way home afterwards - I opened my eyes underwater. Now I know that doesn't sound that astonishing - but Mum & Dad will understand - it's a first for me!!! That's right - it's the first time I've opened my eyes underwater!!!! I have done it in the pool - but only wearing goggles. I'm amazed that I did it and didn't just feel for my spraydeck, but I opened my eyes and had a look around - wow!!!!!

I expected to look on all the canoe test parts of it as a necessary evil which had to be got out of the way so I can hopefully in the future progress on to 3 star and maybe beyond (they are sea specific, whereas 1 and 2 star are generic). In the end though, I really enjoyed all the canoe parts too and would quite like to have a go in a canoe again - and would maybe even consider a canoeing holiday sometime.

Now I'm off for a well earned hot bath to soak away the aching shoulders, followed by a whisky mac :-)

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