Monday, 1 September 2008

Kayaking in the rain

Yesterday morning I had a great time (despite the weather!!!) paddling from Croy to Maidens and back. My first time out on the water since May...... gannets diving in front of us, good company, a nice calm sea. My first time paddling a Skerray too - nice boat, much lower in the water than my Perception Sealion (large banana boat), meaning I got a wave over me right at the start before I had the spraydeck fastened and ended up sitting in a puddle. Oh well, you expect to get wet kayaking in the rain...

We passed below Culzean Castle - not that I got a good view of it, even when the rain stopped for a bit my glasses were so covered I still couldn't see much.

Definitely a paddle to do again sometime when the weather's brighter.

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