Monday, 29 September 2008


Into the 2nd week of placement now. Last week I only had 3 days with the children because of holidays and strikes, but this will be a full week. I managed to remember everyone's names this morning - and got them all right - even the 2 sets of twins! Some of them are now remembering my name - or what they think it is: Mrs Nab, Mrs Mab, Mrs Mac, Mrs MacMab (very common that one), Mrs Snark and my personal favourite Mrs Stab!!!

The weather's pretty poor - cold, wet and windy - so the children were inside the whole time today. You notice the difference as the noise level picks up through the session when they don't get the chance to go out and run around. They're a fun bunch to work with though, generally interested in everything and mostly very good at sharing and playing without arguments. It's still very tiring though!!

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