Saturday, 6 September 2008


The Waverley was in Ayr the other evening - its last call in of the season (after an afternoon trip round Ailsa Craig), so I popped out to see it. I nearly missed it coming in as it seemed to be quite early, but then it took a long time to manoeuvre in the harbour area so tied up at the pier dead on time. It was really interesting seeing it manoeuvering in such a confined space.

This is her passing the end of the 'offshoot' of river which goes along in front of my flat.

She then went into the part of the dock oppostite, then had to go back round the corner...

... down the far side of the river ...

... and forwards again to the pier at 'my' side of the river.

This one is taken from the end of the esplanade, just at the end of the pier - showing how close the Waverley was to my flat.

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