Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Placement - 1st day

Just back from my placement and I'm exhausted. It's been a good day though. It got off to a bad start when I started getting really - and I mean really - nervous about it last night, and didn't sleep at all well and consequently woke up with a thumping headache. As predicted, about 2 mins after I reached the school I was fine!

There's 20 preschoolers in the morning and 15 preschool and 3 ante-preschool in the afternoon - with a nursery teacher and a nursery nurse. So many names to learn.....

We went outside to play in both sessions, and there was lots of play with sand, water, playdough, drawing, role play in the home corner, etc. Interesting getting a look round the whole school too.

There's a strike tomorrow so there will only be staff in, no pupils. That might give me the chance to do a little more reading of policies, etc as well as a really good opportunity to go through all the available resources and familiarise myself with them.

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