Friday, 26 September 2008

Scottish Learning Festival

Due to the local authority strike on Wednesday I had an unexpected afternoon free as the school shut at the back of 1, so I headed off to the SECC to the Scottish Learning Festival. Managed to find my way there without getting lost which I was quite chuffed at, as that's the first time I've driven anywhere in Glasgow on my own (other than heading straight through on the M8). The exhibition hall was full of stalls and it was great to find out just what resources are out there, but there was just so much to see ... Several hours later I was so tired I could barely talk! And I picked up bags and bags of information, catalogues, etc - and some nice freebies too - maps to use as talking points for outdoor learning, a laminated map of the EU, a couple of books - and a packet of Love Hearts!

There was a 'local authority village' area and when I spotted Shetland there I quickly went round trying to find the Orkney stall as I thought there would be a good chance I'd know whoever was manning it - but there was no Orkney stall. They seemed to be the only authority not represented, although I did meet & chat to David Drever from KGS - but he was there in his position with the EIS, who he's currently on secondment to.

The show was definitely worth the visit as a student teacher to see what's available in the way of resources for additional support needs in particular, but I don't know that it would be worth the journey for me in the future if I had far to travel to it. Any anyway - it's held on 2 weekdays and not in the evenings so once I'm teaching I'll not be able to attend it anyway!

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