Thursday, 25 September 2008

Paddling in the dark

This is from last week as I didn't go kayaking tonight - too much work to do for placement, lots of notes and observations to write up while they're still fresh in my mind. There was a "fresh breeze" (in Orkney terms) so George and Bill were trying to 'sail' back down the loch. Dave went fishing but didn't catch anything this week.

It was very dark by the time we got back - sunset is now around the same time as it is in Orkney.

I'm really missing having somewhere to get clothes dried properly too. The washing machine isn't wonderful and clothes come out pretty wet as it doesn't spin well at all. So I'm finding clothes are generally on the clothes horse for about 4 days before they think about drying - which doesn't leave anywhere for my kayaking stuff to dry. I was going to buy another clothes horse - but the cheapest I could find was £20. £20!!!!! I'm a skint student - so I went for the alternative option. I bought a clothes line for 74p and I string it up across the lounger between the handles on the window and the kitchen door handle. The biggest flaw with this is that it stops me getting into the kitchen, but it works well for hanging up my kayaking kit overnight and then again through the day while I'm out.

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