Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Autumn theme

We had great fun today with our autumn theme. The sensory bag of clothes went down well, with many of the children challenging each other to guess what was in the bag without looking - "Close your eyes, put your hand in the bag" and then discussing what weather you would wear it in. And the autumn box was good for using other senses - looking, touching and smelling. There was lots of investigating the objects, comparing them - and scrunching the leaves!

We got our display up - that's the result of the past 2 days work on collage and handprint leaves. I'm pleased with how bright and colourful it is - with lots of lovely autumn colours. I'm especially pleased with it as I'm definitely not artistic and creative - so this was a big challenge for me. I'm just hoping that the children like it when they see it up tomorrow - I was there till 5pm putting it up!

I did the story today as well - a rhyming one (Monkey Puzzle) which the children listened too well and also joined in with well, and we also used the rhyming tubs which are a great thing.

We're making rainsticks over the next 2 days - so we'll have to sing something about the rain so we can use them as percussion.

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