Sunday, 5 October 2008


Please sign this petition

It's a petition to ask the Scottish Government to review whether the surcharges made by many couriers are constraining the economic, business and social development of areas of Scotland. It has great relevance for Orkney, as well as for huge areas of Scotland.

I've been unable/unwilling to use lots of companies because of the ridiculous surcharges they add on - like an extra £35 to deliver to Orkney when the goods are delivered in the same van as goods from other companies without a surcharge! And the Royal Mail's Parcelforce service can deliver the same goods without any surcharge - but some firms still charge a surcharge then use Parcelforce.

And the one the couriers can't provide an answer for - why they charge a surcharge for delivering goods from England to the Highlands but don't charge the surcharge for collecting in the Highlands and delivering to England ........ it's the same journey!!


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