Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Today's activities involved lots of sand, water and glue, and jigsaws, books, dressing up clothes, etc. There's always plenty of variety each day in nursery!

I'm going to have to sing at placement tomorrow - oh dear..... Actually I'm fairly confident I know the tune well enough, and hopefully the kids are too young to notice that I'm not a good singer, so I'm not as worried about it as I will be with older pupils. Then on Friday I'm doing story time, so I've got my 'homework' home with me - it's a Shirley Hughes Alfie book.

And more observations to write, and more making of resources for next week's tasks. I've been getting resources ready this evening - wooly hat, wellies, warm jumper .... we're looking at autumn and the weather.

I feel a cold coming on so I'm planning an early night tonight - with a hot water bottle as it now feels cold enough to need one. Well, it is October.... I'm hoping the weather's nicer tomorrow as I'm hoping to go kayaking - the last evening paddle of the season.

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