Monday, 27 October 2008

It's cold, but dry

Well we didn't get to Perth and I'm still disappointed. The car is still in the garage and we still don't know when we're getting it back, hopefully will have more idea later. The Orkney contingent didn't make it to Perth either as their ferry was cancelled.

We had a quiet weekend, went a short walk (the weather was WILD) and went out for lunch yesterday. Got lots of coursework done, but there's still masses to do. 3 more assignments due in the next week or so. And the pre-placement visit tomorrow.

The weather has been wild all weekend with the waves coming right over the pier - I haven't got a photo of it as the rain and wind were just too much to go out in at the time. Today the wind has dropped and it's DRY :-) There's blue sky and I can see Arran - and there's snow on Goatfell (it was a really cold night here too).

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