Friday, 17 October 2008

More assignments and assessment

More assignments and assessments getting handed out today - and more homework, more chapters of textbooks to read, etc. I definitely need at least 40 hour days - and preferably 10 day weeks too, to keep up. I'm still really enjoying the course though.

Some of the lectures and workshops are great and get us really fired up wanting to go and research the topics more, and get out there and teach it - but then we have to prioritise all the assessments, assignments, etc. at the moment - so the rest will all be interesting stuff for whenever there is extra time - next summer maybe???!

The peer support on the course is great - I think it's going to be one of the most important ways of getting through this year. And we can learn so much from everyone else too as everyone has different strengths, different prior experience, etc.

Got our first lesson on lesson planning this week - we have a lesson plan to do for next week and they reckon it'll take 5-6 hours to do it!!! And we've 15 of them to do in our next placement, in addition to observations, whole school issues and numerous other things....... There's definitely no 'easy ride' days or weeks on this course!

I was talking to a couple of BEd 2 students the other day (one of them was from Dunblane - small world) - they're generally only in 3 days a week, as are the Postgrad Secondary students. OK for some :-)

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