Friday, 24 October 2008

No car :-(

Well the car is now in a garage to get fixed - and will definitely not be ready for getting us to Perth tomorrow (although Kye tried several garages they all seem to be very busy at present), so sadly we'll have to miss the Canoe Scotland show. I'm really disappointed, as I was looking forward to the show - and to seeing friends from Orkney there too. Although I've just heard that the Orkney ferries have been cancelled due to the weather, so they're not going to make it either! And i'm also disappointed that I'll not be able to see my wee nephew as planned on Sunday evening on the way home from the show.

Anyway - the car is being dealt with, I managed to cancel the hotel booking in time (so we didn't still have to pay) and the wonderful Kari-tek came to my rescue and arranged to pick up the Arduaine Trophy for the SCA Touring Photo competition which has to be at the Show for Sunday.

Now I'm just hoping that the car is back in time for the pre-placement visit to my next school on Tuesday. Fingers crossed .....

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